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Adorable floppy kitties, originally designed at the last minute for a craft show.

Floppy kittehs! These were partly influenced by Longcat, but probably more directly influenced by Neko & Koneko of Azumanga Daioh. Here we see the four that I have left; I made four in a mad dash before the weekend of the craft show, and then another two while I was there. Seal-point kitty was actually the first I made; her coloring was also a test of the yarns together for the seal-point griffin I was thinking about making at the time (to appear in the next post!). Black kitty and tabby kitty I made at home, but white kitty I made at the show. To tell the truth, white kitty was almost going to be white-bibbed black kitty, but the black yarn I brought along was rather fussy, so I decided to be lazy instead. Not pictured are the calico kitty I made at the show (bought by someone from the booth next to us) and the blue-point kitty, the remaining one of the quartet I made at home. He went home with the incredibly gracious Kate, as a thank-you for allowing me to use some of her table space at the craft show. (You rock, Kate! I'm totally going to commission some yarn from you eventually.)

Here's one of the few pictures of the blue-point kitty I did manage to get; not of his face, but of his tummy. I guess it's pettins time?

You can buy a custom "floppy" cat from me here :) Ready made cats are also available at White Rabbit.

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