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Commissioned by a friend, based on this amazing piece of fanart, Cid Highwind the My Little Pony. I'm making her the whole cast, one at a time.


Standard PegaCid. I feel somewhat ethically weird about actually having made him a cigarette, as standard US anti-drug propaganda was pounded pretty thoroughly into my head at a young age, but it's accurate to the character so I went with it.
Like Vincent, all of his clothes come off, which leads us to...

Naked PegaCid! Plus jacket and accessories. I'm not entirely sure why I decided to leave the cig behind his ear instead of putting it with the other accessories, but wev.
You can't see it from the picture, but the entire scarf is the same width, and the corners of one end are stitched together to form a loop. I pulled the other end through that loop to keep it around his neck. I keep most of it folded up, but the loose end I leave unfolded for a better visual effect. His goggles are technically a little loose, but they do also fit over his eyes as shown:

I am so ridiculously pleased with his jacket. I do have to fold his wings over to get them to fit through the holes, but it fits well once it's on him and they go back to their usual shape with ease. It'll make Aeris' jacket that much easier ('specially since she doesn't need wing holes, alicorn or not). His boots I'm less fond of, but whatever. They're boots. He wants fancy horseshoes, he can borrow Vincent's.
Like the other two pegasus ponies I've made, Cid's wings ended up kinda floppy and I usually end up folding them over each other on his back. They'll mostly stand at attention when I want them to, though.

Pony pattern available here; I have no formal plans to share the patterns for his accessories the patterns for his accessories can be found here.

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