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Apr. 19th, 2012 03:27 pm
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Commissioned by a friend, based on this amazing piece of fanart, Cloud Strife the My Little Pony.

Cloud pony! Oh man, his hair was a pain and a half. I ended up using both plain white glue (my standard 'hair spray') and, in the end, semi-tying it to his ears to help that spike stay up. I shoulda just gone with hot glue, but I guess it's a live-and-learn situation :/

The color combination turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Dunno why I doubted it; maybe it's just from having grown up with a red-green colorblind sibling. Kinda makes putting purple and blue together an automatic no-no for most situations.

Naked Cloud pony! Blank flank by request of the commissioner, and as per the art inspiration.

Accessories! I honestly didn't mean to make Cloud's turtleneck shirt thing have a thong strap, but that's really the best way it worked out. Oh, and I learned to popcorn solely so I could make the stupid boot studs. Should've done it for the shoulder guard too, but I was too lazy or something.

Pony pattern available here; I have no formal plans to share the patterns for his accessories the patterns for Cloud-pony's accessories can be found here.

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