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Bottled Octopus:

That octopus is tiny, I am not even kidding. Smaller diameter than a quarter. I ran out of the one color of red finishing the octopus' main body and had to switch to another red for its legs; consequences of using a bunch of second-hand embroidery floss I picked up at Goodwill, I guess. And also miss-estimating the amount of floss required. The last photo here is only to show that the bottle is more cubic than cylindrical. Alas, the store didn't have any cylindrical bottles in that size; only a more beet/heart-shaped one, which really distorted stuff too much.

I love the eyes; while I normally get my plastic eyes at Hobby Lobby, since it has the greatest variety, Jo-Ann's has the smallest safety eyes I've ever seen at 5mm. Practically perfect for itty-bitty crochet projects! I did end up cutting off the end of the stem so the octopus would fit/squish better, and had to learn the hard way to do said cutting after applying the washer. Whoops.

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