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Pikachu Lightbulb:

So at Hobby Lobby, where I typically get my plastic eyes (see above) and also where I got the octopus' bottle and something else I'mma do something with sooner or later, they also have these lightbulb shaped bottles! They are pretty darn nifty, and food safe to boot. I bought one on a whim once, no idea what I was going to do with it until I started thinking about crocheting stuff to put in bottles. Once I picked up the 5mm eyes, though, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue ohohoho see what I did there: I could make a tiny Pikachu, and it would be a self-powering lightbulb!

So that's what I did! Unfortunately, the workmanship on the bottle is such that it visually distorts Pikachu right about where the bulb starts to narrow into the neck. The folks at the last AI meeting still thought it was pretty badass, though.

Pikachu is kept upright/in place by the application of two very strong magnets - "strength 10", according to their packaging - one glued to its butt and the other stuck on the bottom of the bottle to attract the first through the glass. It worked out pretty well, though I am incredibly paranoid about getting it anywhere near electronics or anything else presumably magnetically sensitive. I'd rather take unnecessary precautions than find out too late that I'd ruined something on accident.

Pikachu was a bit of a pain to squeeze into the bottle, and it took some careful application of tweezers to get it shaped right again after I'd done so, but I think the results turned out pretty well in the end.

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