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Grandma commissioned me to make her a yellow dog for her friend who identifies as a Yellow Dog Democrat. (According to the great Wiki: A democrat that always votes along party lines. Apparently has roots from something like a century ago, making the early Yellow Dog Democrats fairly racist, as the party was a the time. I'm glad it's changed, but unhappy that the Republican party has gone in the other direction. This has been your useless tidbit of information for the day.) She mentioned that she'd looked it up online and it had the cutest hat and bow-tie, so of course I had to look for myself.

This one is based mostly on a yellow lab. The hat's a bit wonky on the left side it down, since that's where I did the color changing, but it's glued down so I can't change it now. Same sparkly blue yarn for the flag as I used for the Colbert eagle, and let me tell you, it was such a pain tucking all the yarn ends properly into the flag stitches. If I ever make another one, I'm just gonna glue the ends down on the back, I swear.

Front, profile, and three-quarters views from left to right, plus one of the dog's back to better display its rudder-like tail (wait - we already got our Useless Tidbit of Information for the day; better stop there). I glued a bit of felt to the inside of the top of the hat to keep it from caving in, but it didn't work quite as well as I'd hoped. Still, it's better than nothing.
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