Tiger Griffin

Tiger Griffin )

The pattern for this item is available for sale at my Etsy shop.
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Big Griffin

A commission from someone on Etsy.

Big Griffin )

Seal-Point Griffin

With coloring based on a Siamese cat.

Seal-point Griffin )

This griffin is available for sale here. You can also buy the pattern :)

Brown Griffin

AKA Godric the Griffin.

Godric the Griffin )

You can buy a brown griffin made by me here. You can also buy the pattern here :)

White Griffin

One of those lion-bird sort of things. Not to be mistaken for a hippogriff, which is part horse rather than part lion.

Griffin pics )

This pattern will eventually go up for sale. If you really want to make a hippogriff instead of a griffin, you can buy this pattern and then switch out the rear legs and tail for those of the smaller MLP-pony (as soon as I get that pattern up). This pattern is now available for purchase! (Still no smaller MLP pattern ^^a) You can also buy a white griffin :)