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One of those lion-bird sort of things. Not to be mistaken for a hippogriff, which is part horse rather than part lion.

The griffin's wings are supported with silver colored copper wire, wrapped with yarn to match the crochet work, like how I make the dragon's wings. It stands about nine inches/twenty-two cm at the top of its wings. Its face is slightly lopsided from the front (whoops), but there's not a lot I can do about that now. ...Okay, there's not a lot I have the patience to do about that now. Close enough.

I popcorned the rear toes, which was a minor stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. I probably should have gone with something more tan for the fleshy bit where the beak connects to the face, but I suppose it looks well enough this way, and I give myself points for remembering it at all. Anyway, I'm pleased with it.

This pattern will eventually go up for sale. If you really want to make a hippogriff instead of a griffin, you can buy this pattern and then switch out the rear legs and tail for those of the smaller MLP-pony (as soon as I get that pattern up). This pattern is now available for purchase! (Still no smaller MLP pattern ^^a) You can also buy a white griffin :)

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