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You may remember the Asian-style dragon I made for [personal profile] inarticulate back in the day? Well, I've been wanting to sell the pattern, so I decided to test it out a couple times myself, since I hadn't used it in over a year. These two are the results:

Asian-style dragon 2.0 here. Going almost straight from the pattern, except my habit of not cutting/sewing things whenever I can get away with it is... less than ideal for some people, so I decided to make the legs separately and tie them in rather than just keep crocheting them from the pattern. It turned out pretty well, actually!

Asian-style dragon 3.0. See, after 2.0, I decided that A) Yellow eyes really would be more 'authentic', and B) I wanted to see if I could still do the crochet-the-legs-in-without-stopping thing. Which it turns out I could! Though in the end, I was surprised to learn that I actually prefer tying them on, and also that the black eyes are cuter. Go figure. 3.0 does have one less ridge-dealie on its tail, which is probably the only thing I'll be 'keeping' for any future Asian-style dragons I make.

Both these dragons and the pattern will be available for sale eventually.

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