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A commission from someone on Etsy.

Someone on Etsy saw my white griffin there and decided to commission me for a griffin on scale with my European-style dragons. She's a good fourteen inches (~35cm) tall at the tips of her wings. Her commissioner (commissionee? What do I call someone who commissions me for work, anyhow?) graciously said "Yes" when I asked if I could share pictures of the griffin.

Oh, and the commissioner gets all the points for suggesting the pink rim around her eyes. I had mixed feelings on it in the concept phase; I mean, it seemed about right for birds, to the best of my limited knowledge, but would it look right on a plush griffin? I'm quite pleased that all my doubts were put soundly to rest: the pink rim helps accentuate the eyes, makes the color pop more and helps distinguish it from the background brown, and makes the eyes themselves seem larger (they're actually the same size I use for the smaller griffins, and I wasn't sure they'd be big enough).

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