Dolphin 2.0

Jun. 6th, 2012 03:45 pm
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Dolphin 2.0:

Finally recreated this pattern, w00t! Okay, see, here's the thing; on Wednesday, I went out to a couple of stores to talk about potentially maybe possibly selling stuff there perhaps? One store that specializes in locally made goods, and another store that specializes in yarn and yarncraft. I have e-mails to write before I find out one way or another, but that's in motion.

Anyway, the yarncraft store is potentially interested in selling my patterns ♥ If they do, they'll want me to make sample versions of the finished product with their yarn, because selling their stuff is what they want to do, of course. So Mom decided to buy me a skein while I was there! After much deliberation, I picked out some light blue, because I was pretty certain I'd only get one color to work with this time (being as it's about ~$8 USD per skein minimum - I so don't have the funds to be a yarn snob, more's the pity) and I figured re-making the dolphin pattern would be a good thing for one color. It was only after I left and confessed my reasoning that Mom told me she would have bought me another skein or two. (She threatened to turn around and get me more right that moment, but I'd already burned a spoon and a half on talking to people and wanted to go home already please Mom.)

I shared pics of the dolphin, the flying pig, the floppy cats, and my Asian-style dragons as potential things I'd provide patterns for. I haven't heard back from them yet, but here's hoping.

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