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The wolves I made for my winning bidder for The Sterek Campaign's Wolf Pack Charity Project, based roughly on three of the characters from Teen Wolf. From left to right: Scott, Isaac, Derek. I asked my recip beforehand whether they wanted Derek!wolf to be scowly, but Isaac's bangs were totally a spur-of-the-moment thing /)_(\ I really should ask before I go ahead and do things like that, but they turned out super well (and adorable!) and my winning bidder liked the bangs anyway, so I'm safe this time. I was 100% prepared to take the bangs out if they hadn't gone over well, but I'm glad I didn't have to. Anyway, it's basically just loops of yarn anchored down in a way that I forgot the mechanics of; last pic is an attempt at a closeup to show that they really are loops and not something that'll fray.

Anyhow! Same time next year y/y? :D? By then I might actually have the money to donate instead of just offering (I take commissions! Hint hint).

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